Sunday, January 16, 2011

16/ 365

LOOONG Day. I almost missed the photo!!! But no here it is, cell phone pic yes, but a pic none the less. Madi passed out after our late dinner with good friends:

Friday, January 14, 2011

14 / 365

With this rotten cold its been a long bath every afternoon for Madilyn Just to get through the day. It clears out her sinuses and allows her to relax for a nap. Thank goodness for a bathtub. ;)

13/ 365 The many faces of Madilyn

What an animated Little girl I have. :)

12 / 365 Carrie is my Prophet

"Thats the thing about needs, sometimes when they are met you find that you dont need them anymore"..... Carrie

Mke has been wonderful this week. He's been doing chores without me asking, doing things just to be nice and generally being wonderful. When he is this great it makes me want to be great too. Its all around wonderful. Having someone to share the load with gives me time to meet some of my mama needs. I have been working out, cooking, reading for FUN!!??? (I know right??) taking photos, lots of good things. This inspired me to write out a list of needs, or things that keep me sane:

* Girl time
* mama vent time
* A Caloric late enjoyed s l o w l y
* A Nap
* A L o n g Bath
* A Nice Haircut
* A Good Workout
* Clean Space
* Time to write
* Unpurposeful art/ photo taking
* A meal cooked FOR me
* Help without asking

I do Believe, that everything I need to know about life can be answered with the right episode of sex and the city. Ok Maybe not EVERYTHING, but mostly. I have been watching it for years. I own the box set. Every time I have a freak out I find the appropriate season and I begin making mistakes with Carrie. Her voice as she types out her quandaries is so very comforting to me. Maybe its silly. But its my silly thing and I love it.

11/365 Feet